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APOLOGETICS & MOSLEM EVANGELISM NETWORK-AFRICA [AMEN-AFRICA] is a mission to the 'Seed of Hagar'. It started as a  divinely planted burden in the heart of a Moslem-background believer in Christ.
Inaugurated on the twenty-first of February 2004; AMEN-AFRICA has the following objectives:

1.To reach out to the Moslem world by networking with Christian
individuals, groups and Mission agencies, especially in Africa.
Use of electronic and printed materials on 'APOLOGETICS' are involved.

2.To embark on a Mission Aid Project [MAP] for the purpose of funding and enhancing mission activities. Thus, the materials are to be sold but at a reasonably low price. It is believed that this will serve two purposes:

* The material will serve as an evangelical tool for soul winning on
 the part of every individual owning a copy.

* The money realised from buyers of materials will be used in part
 for MAP.

 P.O.BOX 2700,

 Tel: +2348056551860                     


Presently, efforts are on the way to have materials translated in French for the Franco-phone African countries with high Moslem population. A missionary in Niger Republic and the director of Mission au Desert has offered to be of help in this regard.

A book is about to be published titled "WHO COULD HAVE SENT OUR PROPHET MOHAMMED?  اِعْتِذارِيّ - An Apologetics on  Christian faith and its prime subject Jesus Christ - المَسِيح

Publishers are still being sought.


Recommendations and suggestions are welcome and will be greatly appreciated. Interested publishers can send mail to contact address.

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        Copyright ©2004 Abd Al-Sobur, for AMEN - AFRICA.

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The gracious unseen Hand tore asunder the veil of heretical dogma. I saw a great light, and that was the genesis of the book in your hand. At the realization of what the future holds for my erring neighbours and brothers, I was terribly scared. It left scars in my heart, and tears on my face -the tears of intercession. It became a passion. God saw the travail of my soul, and I sensed He was asking if He could use my hand. I picked my pen, took some scrolls, and said to Him, ‘Yes Lord’. Then it became a vision- God’s vision. This turned out to be a divine mission; and the mission is to publish the truth, which alone can set them free. This is the ultimate motivation. And for those lives that will be forever changed through this book, to Him alone who is the Sovereign Truth be all the glory.  


                                                                                     – Abd Al-Sobur



 “Everywhere I look I see people who need to experience tough love - precious people who really matter to God but who are running around and around the circle, dizzied by deception... Too many of us who see these people destroying themselves simply chew our nails and wring our hands, saying nothing... But somebody has to get close to these people and tell them they’re on a merry-go-round going nowhere”... “Somebody has to shake them and say, ‘God has a better way for you’... Somebody has to say I love you too much to watch you shipwreck your life...your soul. So sit down and listen to me, because I’m going to say some hard things to you. I don’t like doing this, but I must because these things are true and because I love you too much to stay silent when I see you hurting yourself.” - Bill Hybels, Who You Are When No One Is Looking.


     The first truth to know: “Great truths always begin as blasphemies.”- Annajanska



 The question on the cover page spark up in you a strong desire to read this book, I presume. And I do really appreciate your inquiring mind. You are about to find out some things you possibly never knew. But this book is all about ‘The Emphasis of a Patriarch’ who lived some twenty centuries Before the Common Era. His words led to an inevitable quest, the discovery of an amazing truth, and the question that arose in the eventual: Who then could have sent our prophet Mohammed? Answers are provided in an honest but forceful style, however. And this further leaves everyone with a confronting moment of decision to choose whom to follow. It is intended for two kinds of people. First, for those Christians who lacked adequate understanding of their profession and thus syncretize Christianity and Islam; claiming that the two beliefs are cognate. Second, it is for my brethren in the House of Islam across the globe.




                        AT THE CROSSROAD 


AN OLD bloke is living somewhere down the street. He’s got nothing out of his wasted years in agnosticism but emptiness. Then came an echo of mercy from the sky, and a gracious whisper in the wind, which quickened him to search for his Maker. First, it was a voice from the minaret of a mosque in the neighbourhood. The Muezzin made a call to prayer after some minutes of exhortation that was woven round Islam as the only religion acceptable to God. The repentant bloke decided for Islam and headed for the mosque with the hope of finding God in the ‘sacred place’. Suddenly a man emerged from a corner of the street holding an ancient version of the Scriptures. It was an effervescent preacher shouting the gospel loud and clear with such an endearing zest. And all he could say was that a ‘carpenter’s son’ was crucified to reconcile mankind back to God. The man who is in search of God stood still by a bill board for a while wondering if God was playing a prank. Angry and somewhat confused, he got another joker when he eventually discovered that the board he was leaning on reads: Eckankar – the religion of light and sound of God. In frustration he yelled at heaven, “But God, why this confusion, contradictions, and inconsistency. I’m lost. I’m confused. Could you please help me out if you truly exist?”   The poor man doesn’t know what the truth really is. He is yet to decide. And he is there sitting on the fence, pleading for mercy and direction. What an honest desire! This mythical man represents a particular set of people and his state represents theirs.


It is disheartening and rather unfortunate that the human race is in a world that’s been plagued by doctrinal disharmony. we must admit this, define its implications and underscore its consequence. Confusion has been the order of things particularly about what we believe and whom we believe. Religious confusion results from diversity of doctrines that are conflicting on the same issue. And the most frustrating of all is the fact that the founders of religions claimed to have, at one time or the other, received a divine revelation from God, through an angel or in a vision. But would God ever extend pardon to all founders of false religion who have brought us the commotion?   

 Honest truth seekers cannot overlook the contradictions. We can’t just harmonize doctrines that are diametrically opposing each other in the name of peace, and at the expense of our future afterlife. Though all these religions may call us to a life answerable to God, to righteous living, to moral values and piety, there is a need to probe beyond all these superficial coverings and find out their sources before taking anything hook, line and sinker. And I am quite particular about the two prominent ones – Christianity and Islam.


Between these two exists an enormous contradiction I refuse to overlook, and I do not subscribe to the idea that we serve the same God and will end up in the same destination afterlife. The Bible points us to certain issues about Jesus Christ, and it reflects on his death and resurrection as the basis of God’s salvation plan for mankind. But our Quran, which we also believed to have its source in God, refutes and denies all these outright; adding that only those that practice Islam will make heaven (Sura317). There must be a foul play somewhere, because God is not an author of confusion. He definitely cannot be the one behind all these rackets.  I drew the attention of my younger brother to this and the little boy judged: “Could the same God have authored these two conflicting beliefs? Not likely.” How can we say that God is behind the scene? 

Doubtless many of us desire to know the truth. Our hearts thirst for the living God; but unfortunately quite a lot of us are victims of deception and false doctrines from the pit of hell. And it is devastating to leave this world a victim of delusion. Those who die in such state cannot but end up in the unpleasant side of eternity.

I have come to agree with the two fundamental convictions proposed by Bill Hybels:

 *Truth telling is more important than peace keeping.

 *The well being of the other person is more important than the current comfort level in the relationship [with friends and other loved ones].

Hence falsehood must be exposed and the truth has to be told straight. We cannot continue to live in deception all in the name of peaceful coexistence. As a result, I will be sharing with you some staggering truth on issues that are a bit controversial, particularly about the man Jesus who has been the butt of dispute for ages between the Christians and us. I am trusting God to help hearts to be sensitive, open and receptive to the truth. Then shall the erring be forever free from eternal condemnation. I do not in any way intend to degrade a religious belief out of sentiment and promote another. But divine necessity is laid on me to tell this truth in love. This is not and should not stir up religious intolerance by any means. No one is compelled to embrace what he has chosen not to. We can only persuade a neighbour from following a wrong track if the love we profess to have for one another is genuine. There shouldn’t be compulsion and the existing cordial relationship ought not cease to be.


                             PATH TO DISCOVERY


I was twenty-one when the reality of life after death dawned on me heavily; the reality of heaven, the reality of hell; the reality of possible destinations of my soul when the last breath is drawn. It became clearer to me that, contrary to inscriptions on the tombs of the departed, not every soul is actually resting in peace. A great number of religious folks have been disappointed by what they had believed shortly after leaving this world. No doubt, their souls are restless in the torments of hell. And because of the contradictions between my religion, Islam and what the Christians profess I was confused. I was apprehended with the fear of uncertainty. The prospect of eternity and the concept of immortality of human soul terrified me. All kinds of questions raged in my heart:  Which way do I follow? What’s the truth? I couldn’t be so careless to believe just anything called religion. I was desperate to know the truth. Moreover, knowing fully well that I may leave this world unexpectedly anytime drove me. Life after death isn’t a thing to joke with. Everyone that once lived in this world will continue to live hereafter and infinitely either in the lake of fire or in the matchless peace of God’s dwelling place.  So I needed an answer desperately like the mythical old bloke - a true answer. And it must be nothing but the truth. God was gracious to me, and the truth He unfolded. The answer came when I needed it most and my several bouts with ‘doubts’ ended. It became a great responsibility for me to share the same with you.

This is one of the ways it can work for you: We’ve got to avoid prejudice. We are either Christian or Moslem because our parents have similar religious affiliation. Only very few are converted based on personal conviction. Our religious background may affect our views about beliefs, and we will see ourselves as the only people on the right track. I engaged my boss in a conversation on this issue when I began to mention diverse religions such as Eckankar and others. Being a Moslem, he exalted Islam and condemned others. I knew he was sentimental and prejudiced. I attempted to drive him to the side of logic with a statement that silenced him: You know that like our prophet Mohammed, those who founded other religions also claimed to have been inspired and sent as prophets. And those who are brought up to follow their doctrines will doubtless commend their belief and condemn others. But let us assume that we live in a society that’s free from any form of religion but with a strong desire to know God and His ways. Now we are confronted with an all-important decision that must be carefully taken as an Arabian brought us Quran and a Jewish Christian missionary point us to the Bible. Knowing fully well that both ‘Sacred Books’ conflict strongly on one or more vital issues, we will choose to be free from sentiment and critically probe them to find out what is wrong. That’s when we can make a good, informed choice as we involve God in the process prayerfully. And God helped me in achieving this.


Having freed my mind from prejudice that may serve as a barrier, God gave me an insight into a pathetic scenario beyond the grave of a man who once lived in the city of Jerusalem...


Behind the Scenes of AMEN-AFRICA